The Venice property hunter


Andrea Barbali. Milanese, born in 1964 and with a University degree in Business Administration.
After an intense professional activity as a director of prestigious national and international companies - always with a focus on real estate - a few years ago I moved to the Veneto Region where I started my activity as a professional real estate agent specialized in sales of fine residential properties in the historic heart of Venice and in other fascinating resorts of the Veneto mainland.
Beside Italian I’m fluent in English, French and German.
A lover of design, architecture, music and … of Venice I’m a licensed real estate agent since 2003.

The idea that I placed at the core of The Venice Property Hunter is inspired by the concept of Chasseur Immobilier, fairly popular and well established in France. With my personal approach I aim to to address and to overcome some ambiguities that still characterize to some extent the scenario of real estate intermediation in Italy and that frequently cause clients’ - both buyers and sellers - embarrassment and mistrust towards real estate agents.
My choice is simple and clear: total focus on my Client whose needs and interest I represent and safeguard.


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