The Venice property hunter

Perhaps you have already had the experience of going into a real estate agency in Venice. It doesn’t matter if your search is for a 3000 sq ft. penthouse with Grand Canal view or for a small and well priced pied à terre for the weekend. Ideally, hopping from one real estate agency to the other you will sooner or later find your place. But how much effort, frustration and above all, wasted time!..... your search can easily take months if not years. And not to mention the language barrier......

Instead those who appoint The Venice Property Hunter to do the tiring and frustrating part of the “work” of hunting for a property for them can thus save their precious holiday time for the more enjoyable things in Venice (art, culture, entertainment…) rather than for real estate tourism. When then the moment finally comes to visit selected properties, this will have been carefully prepared based on your actual and precise needs. In addition all properties included in the tour will have been checked in advance from the point of view of their administrative consistency in order to avoid unpleasant surprises which can sometimes turn into authentic red-tapy nightmares for unwary buyers.

Buying real estate in Venice

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