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  1. I didn’t find in this website photos and descriptions of listings of properties for sale in Venice. Is this intentional?
  2. What is the difference between TVPH and other real estate agents?
  3. What advantages should I expect if I choose to appoint TVPH for my property search?
  4. Is TVPH only active in Venice?
  5. Shall I spend more if I choose TVPH?
  6. I’m owner of an exclusive property I want to sell. Can I take advantage of TVPH’s services?
  7. I would like to appoint TVPH for my search. What should I do?

Yes. The Venice Property Hunter only acts upon  specific request. For this reason unlike most other real estate sites you will not find here photos and descriptions of listings of properties for sale. As a matter of fact it is only after having fully understood your unique needs that The Venice Property Hunter will start hunting for “your” property. Very soon then you will receive detailed presentations of exclusive properties expressly selected for you.

Unlike other agents The Venice Property Hunter never starts from real estate for sale. On the contrary he puts his clients at the core of each search, thus making only tailor made and effective searches.

By way of appointing The Venice Property Hunter for my search I shall always receive impeccable service. Having simply one single professional I will drastically reduce the time needed to find “my” property. Besides I will receive accurate and trustworthy information about the authentic market value of the properties under scrutiny, as The Venice Property Hunter is totally free from conflict of interest.

Not only. The Venice Property Hunter can be very effective for searches also outside Venice, in renown places like e.g. Cortina, Treviso, the Garda Lake, Grado, Jesolo and many others.

Not at all. As a matter of fact compensation of The Venice Property Hunter is the normal intermediation fee. Besides, thanks to his advise you will be put in a condition to optimally manage negotiations and therefore obtain a purchase price certainly corresponding to the actual market value of the property.

Yes. If I show my property to The Venice Property Hunter it will be proposed, when suitable, to his very qualified clients in occasion of present and future searches.

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