The Venice property hunter

The Venice Property Hunter offers highly qualified real estate services such as:

•   tailor made researches of fine properties in Venice and in other fascinating resorts in the Veneto area
•   dedicated and exclusive professional assistance throughout the phases of research, selection, negotiation and purchase of your Venetian house
•   after sale assistance in case your newly bought property needs refurbishment works

The Venice Property Hunter is legally an Italian licensed real estate agent. This means he is entitled to be paid a fee by his/her client only at actual accomplishment of the sale. The standard fee is 3% plus VAT to be calculated based on the purchase price and it covers all The Venice Property Hunter’s activities (ideation and execution of a personalized hunting project, assistance in the negotiations and until actual execution of the purchase Notary Deed). The fee is payable as for 50% at execution of the preliminary purchase agreement and as for the remaining 50% at execution of the Notary Deed.

All my property hunting projects are tailor made for my clients and no other services are normally necessary to accomplish the goal of buying a property in Venice. If however you feel you need some very special extra services I will be very pleased to agree with you upon a specific compensation.

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